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Ao3 Name: gonergone

General Likes
I generally prefer shippy fic to friendship fic, and some angst to fluff. I prefer character driven fic to plot driven, and fic that revolves around the relationships between people (romantic or friendship) most of all. I love longer fic and slow builds. I also love canon divergence AUs, especially of the Everyone Lives variety.

Tropes I love:
celebratory kiss
chosen family
fake relationship
loss of innocence
unrequited love

General Dislikes
I prefer not to receive casefic, huge amounts of angst (some angst is fine), ambiguous endings, character deaths, genderswap, kidfic, or anything involving the graphic description of bodily fluids. (The bodily fluids thing is my weirdness, but what I mean by it is: "He came all over Damon's back, the sticky fluid marking Damon as his," is totally fine, but "He came all over Damon's back, the sticky fluid stretching from the tip of his penis in a long string," is gross for me. Please don't do that.)


Crossover: John Uskglass (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell)/Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Awhile a go I saw a prompt for Harry Potter that the power that the Dark Lord knows not could be a kind of magic not seen in the HP books, and it's a prompt that has stayed with me ever since, because there are so many possibilities for it. For this pairing I'm seeing an adult Harry who is pretty desperate to defeat Voldemort and willing to use almost anything to do so.

Crossover: Jim Sterling (Leverage)/Neal Caffrey (White Collar)
The thing I like about this pairing is the idea that Jim Sterling would be far, far more likely to delve into areas of moral ambiguity to catch Neal (or to use Neal to help him catch even bigger fish) than Peter or Sara ever would, and would appreciate Neal's cleverness even as he tried to use it against him. I can see casefic coming out of this, but I would prefer it if the relationship, rather than the case, was front and center.

Doctrine of Labyrinths: Felix/Mildmay
This is a total id pairing for me. I can see it set anywhere in the series for very different reasons, until they come to their own peace with each other after Corambis. Mostly, I just love the idea that they are each other's one special person in the world, and even Felix at his worst can't break that. I am definitely into filthy porn for these two, but am really here for the emotional heft of the relationship.
Possible prompts:
* A day of quiet domesticity post-series.

* Anything showcasing Mildmay's loyalty, and Felix's (finally!) appreciation of that loyalty.

Longmire: Mathias/Henry Standing Bear
I have a warm spot for this pairing because I feel like these two have the exact same goal: help the rez, but are coming from it from totally different directions because they are such different people. They'll never really be able to see eye to eye, and I like that constant tension.
Possible prompts:
* post prison hurt/comfort

* post-season 4 anything: them working together; Mathias holding the Hector situation over Henry's head for fun and profit; etc.

Longmire: Walt Longmire/Henry Standing Bear
I love the longevity of this relationship, because they do constantly take each other for granted and know that no matter what, they'll be there for each other.
Possible prompts:
* Teenage fic! Or a fic set in their twenties when they were working as roughnecks in Alaska.

* Henry can't stand living above the Pony now that Malachi owns it, so he moves in with Walt "temporarily."

Secret History - Donna Tartt: Henry/Richard
I love this pairing because I think you can go almost any way with it, from Richard hero-worshipping Henry (so... the book, basically), to something pretty dark, angsty and built on the guilt of Bunny's murder, to something very fluffy, to straight up PWP. (I am always a big fan of that.) I enjoy the dynamic the book has between these two, with Henry fully in control, but definitely would be into seeing a more vulnerable Henry, as well.
Possible prompts:
* Canon divergence at almost any point. What if Richard was never a Greek student - how would he have met Henry, and what would their relationship have looked like? What if Richard had been present at the bacchanal? Etc.

* Something more happening when Richard was staying with Henry after Henry came back from Italy.

Secret History - Donna Tartt: Francis/Richard
I have a soft spot for Francis that I know not a lot of people share, but I'd love to see anything between these two from a one night stand for comfort after Bunny's death to an actual relationship.
Possible prompts:
* Canon divergence where Richard and Francis meet in a different way, such as one of the campus parties.

* Richard and Francis get together during one of the weekends in the country.

Secret History - Donna Tartt: Henry/Julian
I love student/teacher dynamics, and I really love the close relationship between Julian and Henry and how Henry shows Julian a less serious side of himself than he shows most other people. The book hints that they spend a lot of time together at Julian's house and know each other quite well, and I'd love to see those hints explored and expanded on.
Possible prompts:
* Julian shows Henry the ropes about love and sex.

* How does Henry get into the habit of spendin time at Julian's house? What are those visits like (and what are the two of them like with each other when no one else in around?)

Raven Cycle: Declan/Ronan
I love that the peace they made in Raven King is imperfect and fragile, and that you can still see them getting on each other's nerves constantly, because they are such different people. I love that they both think they're right and that they can be utterly ruthless. I love how much they're both devoted to Matthew and even each other, though they try not to show that.
Possible prompts:
Seriously, I would love to see anything about these guys. Vampire AU! Future fic where Declan is a senator and Ronan comes storming into his office, making demands (as always)!

* Ronan dreaming something for Declan.

* Ronan brings Declan to Cabeswater way earlier, when they bring Aurora.

* Ronan gets Declan to help them when Matthew is kidnapped.

Raven Cycle: Adam/Declan
I feel like Adam and Declan are more similar, in a lot of ways, than Adam and Ronan, and that they might understand each other a little better.
Possible prompts:
* It's Declan, not Ronan that Adam goes to for help with his Dad, because Adam knows that Ronan is likely to be violent, which is the last thing Adam wants. Declan will know what to do without anyone getting arrested.

* Declan is the first friend Adam makes at Aglionby, not Gansey.

* Adam goes to public school with Blue and is Declan's secret townie boyfriend.


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