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Dear Yuletide Writer...

Ao3 Name: gonergone

General Likes
I generally prefer shippy fic to friendship fic, and some angst to fluff. I prefer character driven fic to plot driven, and fic that revolves around the relationships between people (romantic or friendship) most of all. I love longer fic and slow builds. I also love canon divergence AUs, especially of the Everyone Lives variety.

Tropes I love:
celebratory kiss
chosen family
fake relationship
loss of innocence
unrequited love

General Dislikes
I prefer not to receive casefic, huge amounts of angst (some angst is fine), ambiguous endings, character deaths, genderswap, kidfic, or anything involving the graphic description of bodily fluids. (The bodily fluids thing is my weirdness, but what I mean by it is: "He came all over Damon's back, the sticky fluid marking Damon as his," is totally fine, but "He came all over Damon's back, the sticky fluid stretching from the tip of his penis in a long string," is gross for me. Please don't do that.)


You Belong with Me - University of Rochester Yellowjackets (Music Video)
Characters: Glasses Guy, Jock Guy

(The music video can be found here.) I love a good boy nextdoor story, and this one is particularly sweet.
Possible Prompts:
• Anything from the past of either of these characters. How did they meet, what do they have in common, what is the shape and depth of their friendship?
• Something pre- or during canon from Jock Guy's POV. How long has he loved Glasses Guy? What made him realize how he felt, and what made him finally admit to his feelings?
• Post-canon first date fic. What do they do, and does it go awesome and romantic, or terribly, hilariously wrong?
• A five times fic where they asked each other for dating advice.
• An AU involving soulbonding, either accidental or intentional.

Practical Magic (1998)
Characters: Sally Owens, Bridget "Jet" Owens, Frances Owens, Gary Hallet

You don't need to use all the requested characters! I love the subtle ways and unsubtle ways magic is used in the film, and the chaotic, weighty love of family.
Possible Prompts:
• I love the Owens family lore that's sprinkled throughout the movie, and would love to see more of it for other Owens ancestors. Where did the aunts get their grimoire? How did other Owens women deal with the curse?
• I love the small town setting, and would love to see more of the town and its inhabitants – especially how people treat Sally and other others after the events of canon. Does Sally get real friends? A slice of life fic that focuses on small town life/ small instances of magic in the modern world would be awesome.
• Spells fic – sort of like recipe fic but with the spells interspersed instead of a recipe.
• Fic from Gary's perspective: either from canon, when he first read Sally's letter to meeting her, or from post-canon as he tries to integrate himself into town and the Owens family.
• More on the aunts! Who were the great loves of their lives, and how did they learn their magic? Did they have personal experience with the resurrection spell?
• I would love something that explores Sally's ways of foretelling events and maybe something like a five times fic where Gary is able to surprise Sally with romantic gestures, despite her powers.

Night Sun Tarot Cards
Characters: Knight of Wands, Page of Swords, Three of Pentacles

You do not need to use all three requested characters! This is a canon I would not mind receiving dark fic for at all. I would love anything that involves either the tarot meaning of the cards or your own interpretation of what the pictures mean.
Possible Prompts:
• I would love to know the history of any of these characters. Who are they, what's going on in the card, how did they get there? You can write all the characters or focus on only one.
• Anything involving soulbonding, a/b/o, dub-con, or non-con, or casts these characters as demons, vampires or some variety of magic-wielder.
• Fic involving any of these cards and any other cards from the deck (particularly the Knight of Pentacles).

Goblin Emperor
Characters: Courier with scarlet ribbons, Cala Athmaza, Csevet Aisara, Deret Beshelar

I don't expect you to use all these characters unless you want to! I am open to any ships between any of these characters, including threesomes or moresomes. I am especially interested in the small interactions these characters would have that Maia would never know about, and seeing the strange royal world that they're all on the periphery of through their eyes.
Possible prompts:
• Who is the courier with the scarlet ribbons, and what is his story?
• Any fic that takes place while Cala or Deret were learning their skills. How well did they know each other? What was their training like? What were they like before it? A slice of life in training or worldbuilding about this aspect of the universe would be great.
• Where does Csevet sleep? What does he do in the few hours he has to himself every day? A fic that explores the mundane details of him looking after Maia - with emphasis on the things he does to protect Maia or shield him from unpleasantness - would be amazing.
• I would love to see Csevet and Cala interact - what would they talk about? Bonus for hints of or pining Cala/Csevet.
• I do ship Deret/Cala, and I'd love to see anything between them.
• I love threesomes and I love pining, and would be very interested in seeing either one (or both!) of those things here.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia (song)
Characters: Johnny, Devil
This song is a lot of fun, and I really like the possibilities it raises.
This is another fandom that I definitely would not mind getting dark fic for.
Possible prompts:
• I am completely down for Devil/Johnny, if that is what you would like to write.
• What's Johnny's story? Who is he, where in Georgia does he live, what does he do besides play the fiddle?
• What other souls has the Devil successfully stolen, and how did he do it?
• What happens when the Devil does return to rechallenge Johnny?
• As I said, I'm open to this going very dark, but I would appreciate little to no gore. Dub-con, non-con, BDSM, or A/B/O would all be totally fine.
• I'm totally open to crossovers with Supernatural, Buffyverse, or Black Butler.

Longmire (TV)
Characters: Walt, Henry, Mathias, Jacob Nighthorse
I love the Western vibe, and the interplay of different cultures in the show. I also love the strong personalities and watching them play off each other.
Possible prompts:
• I love seeing the loyalty between Henry and Walt, and would love some loyalty kink fic.
• Anything from Henry's past: football, college, Vietnam, or time period in his life before canon.
• Anything from Mathias's past or a slice of life fic about his life during canon. What does he do in his spare time? Who are his friends?
• Henry/Mathias blackmail hatesex. This aspect of season 5 was almost perfect for my id.
• Mathias & Walt interacting, either on a case or as something like a five times fic. Mostly because they are hilarious, and I love watching them try to bury their dislike and actually work together, but still end up sniping more than talking.
• Recipe fic from Henry's perspective, either exploring a dish he has come across in his travels and makes at the Pony, or using a traditional Cheyenne food.
• If you would like to write shippy fic, I ship all of these guys in any combination, and would especially love to see Henry/Mathias or Henry/Walt & Henry/Mathias (I am fine with infidelity, and the betrayal vibes at the end of season 5 are great, or some kind of pining would be amazing) or Henry/Mathias/Jacob.
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Hey, did you mean Gary instead of Andy, in the Practical Magic section?
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You're welcome! :) For a second I thought I was reading a Charmed request, haha