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General Likes:
time travel, AUs, magic in non-magic canons, worldbuilding, lots of messy emotions, character backstory, angst, unrequited feelings, pwp, a/b/o, soulmates/soul marks

General Dislikes:
major character death, abuse of people or animals, rape

13 Reasons Why - Clay, Tony
I ship Tony and Clay together, but I also really like them as friends. I adore Tony. Tony is 100% giving and caring, without putting up with any of Clay's shit. I would love to see fic that looks into why Tony cares about Clay so much (how long have they been friends? What did that friendship look like without the stress of the tapes and Hannah's suicide?), and (maybe) all the ways in which Tony has taken care of Clay in the past that Clay may or may not have noticed at the time.

Possible Prompts:
* In canon, Tony does a ton of stuff for Clay, and I'd really love to see Clay try to return some of that, in his own - far less competent - way.

* So. For shipfic, there's this moment, and I would love to have a fic where Clay either calls Tony out for it immediately, or thinks about it and thinks about it (as Clay does) until he absolutely must confront Tony about it (as Clay... does).

* Music! Music is huge in canon, and Tony is obviously hugely into it. I'm not a huge fan of songfic, but I would love to see a fic that incorporates music that Tony uses to relate to people: Tony makes Clay a mixtape (and Clay's reaction to it), or Clay, to pay him back for his time & energy, makes one for Tony.

* Parties are a big part of canon, too, and Clay isn't very good at them. I would love to see Tony rescue him from his own awkwardness at one.

* I love coffee shops, so anything set in Monet's ( a five times fic?) would be amazing.

Fargo - Hanzee Dent
I think there is so much to explore about this character. Backstory, post-canon, etc. There's so much to expand upon in canon, too - why does Hanzee turn against the Gerhardts and especially Dodd? What are his thoughts at any point in canon? What are his relationships like with the non-Dodd Gerhardts - especially Charlie and Simone, who don't seem intimidated by him at all?
Possible Prompts:
* Hanzee is the one who taught Charlie (and Simone?) how to use a gun.

* Post-canon, after Hanzee gets his face taken care of, he needs to decide how Moses Tripoli will dress, will speak, etc. How does he decide these things? When he (finally) gets his hair cut, what is he thinking?

* Did Hanzee volunteer for Vietnam, or was he drafted? One scene from his war experience or the night before he left.

* When Hanzee first encounters the aliens on the road in front of the diner (or does he? the lights are there) and later at the motel, what does he see/experience? Is it different from what we saw, as the audience, and either way, what does he think of it?

* Does Hanzee date? Does he have friends? Any glimpses into his emotional life would be really appreciated, especially pre-canon ones, that show what he does with himself besides work.

Shawshank Redemption - Red, Andy
Man, I love this film. I love the characters and the music and the entire bleak setting and the wonderful story. I love how Andy and Red learn to trust each other even in those circumstances. I love how they're both inteeligent in different ways - Red knows people, and he knows how to get things, and Andy knows books and eventually learns people (though never well enough, not until the end.)

Possible prompts:
* The book (and film) are really Red telling Andy's story, but I would love to know more about Red. What was Red's best day, his favorite place, or his least favorite, or his worst day ever.

* Tell me what happens to Red's life after canon. Was what he imagined about Andy's business in Mexico correct? Does he learn Spanish? What does he do with his days in Mexico?

* I'd love a slice of life of any friends-y moment between Red and Andy.

* Okay, so - I ship it. I would love any moment from their relationship: first kiss, lingering looks, slow burn stuff.

* Any scenes from the prison library! I would love something that focuses on the jobs Andy and Red have there. For slightly more info on that, there's an episode of the Snap Judgement podcast and this NPR interview of a prison librarian.

Longmire (TV) - Henry, Walt, Jacob, Mathias
I love the Western vibe, and the interplay of different cultures in the show. I also love the strong personalities and watching them play off each other. I have some prompt ideas below, but anything for this universe would make me happy, especially anything set post-season 5.
Possible prompts:
* I love seeing the loyalty between Henry and Walt, and would love some loyalty kink fic, or fic emphasizing that loyalty - when Walt backs Henry up and breaks the law to do it (what would have happened if Henry had to go back to jail after Walt promised he wouldn't, for instance?). Either of them lying, cheating or stealing for the other is awesome.

* Anything from Henry's past: football, college, Vietnam, or any time period in his life before canon, especially if we get glimpses of Mathias and Walt in there.

* Anything from Mathias's or Jacob's past or a slice of life fic about his life during canon. What does he do in his spare time? Who are his friends? He's antagonistic toward Henry and Walt - but what are his real feelings toward them?

* Henry/Mathias blackmail hatesex. This aspect of season 5 was almost perfect for my id.

* Mathias & Walt interacting, either on a case or as something like a five times fic. Mostly because they are hilarious, and I love watching them try to bury their dislike and actually work together, but still end up sniping more than talking.
* Recipe fic from Henry's perspective, either exploring a dish he has come across in his travels and makes at the Pony, or using a traditional Cheyenne food.

* If you would like to write shippy fic, I ship all of these guys in any combination, and would especially love to see Henry/Mathias or Henry/Walt & Henry/Mathias (I am fine with infidelity, and the betrayal vibes at the end of season 5 are great, or some kind of pining would be amazing) Henry/Walt/Jacob (extra points if you can make this about anything other than hatesex) or Henry/Mathias/Jacob.

Project Runway RPF - Tim Gunn, Mondo Guerra, Christian Siriano, Zac Posen
I know nothing at all about fashion or design, and I don't watch a lot of reality TV, but I love this show. I adore Tim Gunn as a human being who clearly cares about every one of the designers each year, and who never treats them poorly, even when he's upset. I would love to read about just about anything behind-the-scenes about the show - interactions with the crew that aren't on camera, candidates sneaking around to avoid the cameras, what goes on when the cameras aren't on the judges, etc. When I nominated Mondo and Christian I was thinking they could either be used as guest judges on the current season, or the fic could be set during their seasons or post their season in the fashion world. You don't have to use all 4 characters.
Possible prompts:
* Any AU with these people ever.

* Cast party/wrap party shenanigans - what happens when people have too much to drink?

* A day in the life of Tim Gunn - what time does he get on set, what does he do when he disappears from the workroom, what do the judges talk about when the cameras aren't on?

* Fashion Week - who is there, what crazy things happen backstage, what crazy things happen after it's over?

* A challenge from one contestant's or judge's perspective.
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Ao3 Name: gonergone

General Likes
I generally prefer shippy fic to friendship fic, and some angst to fluff. I prefer character driven fic to plot driven, and fic that revolves around the relationships between people (romantic or friendship) most of all. I love longer fic and slow builds. I also love canon divergence AUs, especially of the Everyone Lives variety.

Tropes I love:
celebratory kiss
chosen family
fake relationship
loss of innocence
unrequited love

General Dislikes
I prefer not to receive casefic, huge amounts of angst (some angst is fine), ambiguous endings, character deaths, genderswap, kidfic, or anything involving the graphic description of bodily fluids. (The bodily fluids thing is my weirdness, but what I mean by it is: "He came all over Damon's back, the sticky fluid marking Damon as his," is totally fine, but "He came all over Damon's back, the sticky fluid stretching from the tip of his penis in a long string," is gross for me. Please don't do that.)


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